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Why should you choose Younique?

Highest Possible Price and Seamless Transaction

Market Analysis & Price Trend

Customised Marketing Strategy

Professional Photography & Video, 360 Virtual Tour

Online & Social Media Advertising: PropertyGuru,, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.  

Types of Residential Development in Singapore
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Private (Condominium & Apartment)

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Landed Property

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Cluster Housing

Customer's Reviews

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The Ultimate Seller's Guide

Download your free seller's guide and start your selling journey with Younique today!

  • How will you ensure that my property achieve the best deal?
    We ensure your property achieves the best price through market analysis, customised marketing strategy, effective marketing on multiple platforms, and leveraging our extensive network for optimal results. "Customised Marketing Strategy" means tailoring our approach to uniquely highlight and promote your property. It involves identifying target audiences, utilising specific platforms, and crafting personalised descriptions to maximise the appeal and attract potential buyers.
  • Why choose Younique?
    Our years of team collaboration create a bond that ensures a unified approach and exceptional service. This sets us apart from other agencies in guiding you through the process. Younique was founded in 2011; our team consists of five skilled agents, each bringing their expertise to the table. Our KEO, Koh Giok Ha, has over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, contributing extensive knowledge and insight to our collective proficiency.
  • What are your company values?
    Our core values embody the belief that 'You and Your Property are Unique'. This commitment drives us to thoroughly understand your needs, allowing us to craft a customised marketing strategy tailored to achieve the best outcomes in your financial transactions.
  • How will you help me achieve optimal rental yield and a good tenant profile?
    We ensure optimal rental yield through strategic market analysis, customised effective marketing to attract quality tenants, and proactive management to address any issues promptly.
  • How will you help me to source and pick my ideal property?
    We will assist in identifying and selecting your ideal property by leveraging our expertise and tailored search strategies. As a buyer, we will help you in your financial planning for property purchase.
  • How will you guide me throughout the tenancy process and resolving any disputes between landlord and tenant?
    We will provide comprehensive guidance throughout the tenancy process, ensuring a smooth experience. In the event of any disputes between the landlord and tenant, our team is committed to amicable win-win resolution and support.
Frequently Asked Questions
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